DiVito’s Holsters

Were born out of a idea that came to me after countless online searches and purchases, looking for the right product for me. I was tired of seeing items that were over priced and poor in quality, and knew that with my passion, interest, and creativity, I could make something of high quality and value.
As a current small business owner, I know the importance of giving a customer a quality product that both the supplier and customer can be proud of. So, in the winter of 2019, I started experimenting with different molds, kydex, and tools to come up with great, durable products. Each of my products are made to order for the customer; I do not build in bulk and let them sit on a shelf. Each product is test fitted with real steel, for fit and finish before it gets packaged.
Safety and self protection are something I value and prioritize, so, it’s important that I have the right products for me, and hopefully for you too! I am constantly experimenting and look forward to hearing what you’re looking for and how I could create something for you. Please take time to review my products and see the quality and craftsmanship I put into each one.

Next Steps...

For any questions about holsters our accessories please contact us directly

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